Saturday, January 5, 2013

Family time in San Diego!

My Christmas break was pretty freakin' awesome. I had about 3 weeks off from school. The first week was spent doing some school stuff..pretty boring, but it was good to be able to get stuff done before the festivities began! We did go caroling with the ward at a rest home which was fun. Bret and I were asked last minute to accompany everything and provide a couple of solo numbers. They were a little rough, but it was all good.

Top: The Gruver's with their jingle bells. Bottom: Everyone singing!

The Friday before Christmas my family drove over and joined us in San Diego for the weekend. We did a TON of stuff. I was really excited to have people come so I could have an excuse to do some of the things I hadn't had a chance to do yet. FIRST! however, we had breakfast with Bret's beautiful cousin Hilary and her brand new fiance, Andrew. They were in town for the BYU bowl game vs San Diego State and had just gotten engaged the night before (in La Jolla, nonetheless). We took them over to Brockton Villa for a celebration breakfast and they were so cute and happy. It was a great time! (PS Brockton Villa french toast is to die for)

Sitting on the patio looking out over the seals at La Jolla Cove. Look how happy (and cute!) they are!
My family arrived later in the afternoon and we did some shopping at the mall before heading over to Apollonia's for some delicious Greek food. While we were walking over to the mall we saw a car ram full speed into the back of a stopped bus. It was kind of scary! My dad was a good person and stuck around to fill out a report and make sure everyone was okay. He also didn't really feel like shopping ;)

Bottom left: Greek dinner! Bottom and Top right: Torrey Pines-Dolphins! Top left: Dog Beach

The next morning we went over to Torrey Pines and did some hiking. Sadly, dogs aren't allowed there so we had to leave Mia and Jade behind (yep, Jade came too!). We hiked over to Razor Point and saw some cool rock formations and dolphins riding the wave! Then we headed down to the beach where Jonah attempted to catch a seagull. Torrey Pines is beautiful! I've run through it a few times since its close to where we leave. I wish they allowed dogs because then I would go more often with Mia!

All Torrey Pines!
After hiking we headed over to Little Italy for some lunch an Buon Appetite and perused the farmers market there for a while. Then we took the dogs down to Dog Beach at Ocean Beach. Mia LOVES the beach and had a great time. Jade was less amused by the ocean, but she looked really happy the whole time we were there. At one point Mia was playing in the water and a grey hound came at her full speed and knocked her over. It was pretty funni how stunned she was when she got back on her feet.

That night we hit up Tajima Izakaya and Christmas Card lane. Christmas card lane is a neighborhood that goes all out with lights and decorations. Almost everyone has a hand painted display/ card in their front yard. They were pretty fun to see! Sunday we went to church where both Bret and I had musical numbers-I did a piano solo and Bret did a guitar solo. That night we went to the San Diego Temple lights and met up with a couple from my parents BYU days. The husband was in the same MTC district as my dad and the wife was one of my mom's Japanese friends from BYU. San Diego Temple lights can't even compare to the Mesa Temple, but they were still pretty!

On Monday we went over to Brockton Villa for breakfast (2 times in one weekend? I didn't mind!) after which we started our drive back to AZ. On the way home we picked up some tamales and had our traditional Christmas Eve tamale dinner. It was so much to have my family out for a weekend!

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Sounds like you had a great holiday break!