Sunday, December 16, 2012

First quarter of grad school=DONE!

I have officially completed my first quarter of grad school! In all honestly, it definitely wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be (everyone says your first year is the hardest) I think I owe a lot of that to BYU where I was TAing, doing research, and taking classes pretty much just like a first year grad student does. Sure its time consuming, but I enjoyed it :)

I really enjoyed my second rotation. I even got to make pretty ferritin crystals!

I was super excited since I have never done crystallography was a very "mommi look what I did!" moment in my life.

I finished finals this week. We even had a little study group at our apartment. For some reason from high school to even grad school my apartment is the mecca for study groups. Probably because I feed people. In this case it was pizza and apple chip salad. 

We had a small party last night with some of our new friends in the ward! I did a pizza bar (everyone make a personal pizza with a bunch of toppings) I like doing this with new friends because I don't have to know about everyone's likes/dislikes plus its fun! I tend to go pretty crazy with the toppings-probably because I like less traditional pizza toppings-but I think it makes it more interesting.

Eric, Kimberley, and Lindsey dishing up their pizzas. Being Japanese comes in handy when I do pizza bar because I have a million little bowls to put toppings in. PS this is only, like, half of the toppings we had haha
Mike and Angie. Mike is super tall and plays vball. I love it.

One of our friends that came, Tom, used to be a dog trainer so it was fun to listen to him talk about training stuff. I got really self conscious about Mia tho! I'm sure he could point out 800 things we were doing wrong with her from throughout the night, but such is life I guess. Bonus: we talked about dogs A LOT throughout the night.

Yesterday I ran 15 miles straight for the first time. In the past, whenever I have run more than 13 miles I break it up into 2 runs-mostly for time. Since I'm training for the triathlon right now, my workout schedule has been 7 miles on the weekdays (7 is my magical run early in the morning number...don't ask me just works) and then a 10-11 mile run on Saturday followed by a 30-45 minute swim. I tried doing long bike rides for a while but it just doesn't give me the same workout. I decided that my biking commute will just have to be good enough. Anyway, yesterday I didn't feel like swimming so I decided to do a longer run instead which pulled my weekly mileage up to 50. It was a beautiful day for a run! Added bonus: Mia was exhausted.

Can I just say I love that its December and I can run in a tank top?
Today in church I accompanied two musical numbers. The singers sounded beautiful :) I also played the organ and taught the lesson in RS. Needless to say it was kind of a stressful day.

Now I'm on my first and only "real" "holiday" (because you can't say Christmas at UCSD) break. I have some fellowships I want to apply for which will hopefully get done, and a bunch of stuff I need to get caught up on, but I'm really looking forward to enjoying time with both of my families in AZ :)

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Kyle & Mekelle said...

You're killing it on your weekly mileage! 50 miles a week is intense! You could totally run a marathon ;) Too bad we don't live closer and could train together.